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We, Creative Ext-Int solutions Pvt. Ltd., a corporate of fabricators on the edge of our 14 th year of successful workmanship and dedication whoever doing risky tasks of modern architectural aluminium fabrication works. We have received a countless gratitude and satisfaction from our clients and they have authorized us as their trust worthy only because of our dedication, hard work and pure standards that we ever maintained in our works. Their satisfaction is our only energy which encourages us to continue in this field of cut-throat competition and challenge. We have some turnkey projects in the length & width of South India including Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Our company has recently opened a corridor of a new world of UPVC windows. And we can proudly announce that LG, one of the leading brands, manufacturing building materials in South Korea, has appointed us as their one and only channel partner in Kerala. We consider this an asset to our company and a certificate of congrats to our brilliance in modern fabrication method.

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